Unica is a multidisciplinary office with a specialty in architecture and design, from large scale to furnishings, for corporate, government and private clients across the globe.

Unica envisions itself as a proactive partner with its clients rather than a consultant. At the core of our practice is the ability to take a fresh look at design issues and tailor every idea and design according to each client’s desires and requirements.

Combining innovative thinking and efficient production, Unica is specialized in creating a unique concept for your ideas. We develop high-end architecture and interior design projects that give a new meaning and opportunity to pre-existing structures and concepts.

We envision contemporary designs to address the most demanding clients and we carefully limit the commissions we take on to help ensure a high degree of professional attention and overall project quality.

From Italy and Spain in Europe and Dubai in Middle-East, our multidisciplinary team of two dozen professionals together with our network of specialists is committed to generating creative and technical solutions for complex projects of all sizes anywhere on the planet by combining experimental research with the aesthetic and functional.

Contact us and share with us your unique vision.


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